Iguanodon and dietary adaptation

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Iguanodon and dietary adaptation

The first recognizable fossils of Iguanodon were teeth, whose tell­tale features showed that it was a herbivorous animal; realistic dinosaur costume they were chisel-shaped to be able to slice and crush plants in the mouth before they were swallowed.


The need to cut and crush plant food hints at some important considerations concerning the diets of extinct creatures and some of the clues that their skeletons may contain.


Carnivores have a diet largely comprising meat. Walking dinosaur costume From a biochemical and nutritional perspective, a diet of meat is one of the simplest and most obvious of options for any creature. Most of the other creatures in the world are made of roughly similar chemicals as the carnivores that eat them. Their flesh is therefore a ready and rapidly assimilated source of food, provided the prey can be caught, sliced into chunks in the mouth using simple knife-like teeth (or even swallowed whole), and then quickly digested in the stomach.

This whole process has the potential to be relatively quick and biochemically very efficient in that little is likely to be wasted.