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If the proto-bird had been a dinosaur


Over in America, Marsh for his part accepted the concept of a dinosaurian ancestry for birds.(dinosaur replicas for sale) And he pointed to the very bird-like pattern of the small Bavarian dinosaur Compsognatbus, a chicken-sized predator preserved in the same lithographic lime-stone that yielded Arcbaeopteryx. (dinosaur supplies)Huxley favored a beaked dinosaur as the most likely ancestor for the birds because the beaked clan had had a backwardly reoriented pubis. In general, then, there existed a firm consensus among the best paleontologists-Old and New World scholars alike agreed that dinosaurs had been a bird-like clan and birds were direct descendants of those dinosaurs.


Since the birdlike nature of advanced dinosaurs won wide ac ceptance, late nineteenth-century naturalists couldn't dismiss the Dinosauria as merely cold-blooded dead ends. If the proto-bird had been a dinosaur, it wasn't unreasonable to suppose that some dinosaurs had had a proto-birdlike physiology. The resulting speculations about the dinosaur's metabolism therefore continued to appear occasionally in respected European publications right up until the 1920s. (outdoor dinosaur statue)But all this changed in the late twenties. (realistic dinosaur models)The claims dinosaurs had to the paternity of birds were largely forgotten. And the interrelated case for the warm-bloodedness of dinosaurs was concomitantly dismissed for alleged lack of evidence. How had such a revolution come about? Strangely enough, dinosaurs seem to have lost their claim to having been the ancestors of birds because of the best, most thorough book written about avian ancestry, a book that got nearly everything right except its final conclusion.

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