IAAPA Exhibition

We planned to attend the IAAPA Exhibition very earlier in this tear, and we applied the booth, then our factory began to prepare the best quality animatronic dinosaurs for the dinosaur fair.

There are several kinds of dinosaurs we want to show to the world in France fair, like animatronic dinosaurs, dinosaur costumes, dinosaur cars, dinosaur ride, and one of the dinosaur models is called, made in life sizes and colors, best shapes with the best proportion, and our technicians also designed the flexible movements, we think it will become one of the best attractions among all the dinosaurs.

IAAPA Exhibition Animatronic Dinosaur Models

Besides, it is also the high time for the national day in China, so many clients in domestic market required to make the dinosaurs for their own events in this holiday, you can see from the photo as below, the plant nearly can not accommodate the whole dinosaurs, there are about more than 100 dinosaurs in the factory, and our workers are working overnight to finish those dinosaur models for events.

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