Huge Size Artificial Dinosaur for PlaygroundReleased Time: 2016-5-27

USAGE:Amusement park, Zoo, Schools, Museum,Commercial plaza,Party.

MOVEMENTS:1.Eyes Blinking, 2.Mouth open & close, roaring sounds, 3.Head up and down, 4.Neck moving up & down, 5.Front arms moving, 6.Tail swaying, 7.Breathing

MATERIAL:High grade steel; CE motor; Flame retarded sponge; resin; silicone

PACKING:Being packed by Bubble film/DPJD with plastic wrap, then put into wooden cases or air cases, finally put into containers.


The huge size T-rex dinosaur with big mouth,it looks huge and attractive. Someone maybe scared,especially when the open the mouth and roaring toward you.


Product Name Huge Size Artificial Dinosaur for Playground
Main Material High quality silicon rubber and foam, fiber glass, animal fur, cloth, bottle, waterproof material, fireproof material
Customize Can be customized according to customer requirements such as: eye flashing with three-colors, mouth spray water and smoke, the body fitted with colored lights and other special effects
Size 聽Length:13m,Weight:1.7m, Height:4.2m
Customize Movement Main:1. Mouth open and close with sound,

2. Eyes blinking,

3. Head moving up and down,right to left,

4. Stomach breathing,

5. Tail moving.

6. Front arms moving(Bipedal). Additional:

7. Water spray(from mouth or tail).

8. Walking dino,

9. Walking with chair on its back,

10. Rocking dinosaur rides with chair on its back,

11. Flap wings (pterosaur and birds)

Sounds Corresponding dinosaur sound or customize other sound.
Color Same as picture or Customize as per buyer's choice.
Power 110/220vac 50/60hz .
Control mode Coin operated, infrared sensor, swiping card, remote control, Initiate Button, etc.
Accessories Included * Control Box with one free spare* 2 speakers with build in woofer and volume controler

* Remote control, sensor infrared control

* Free dinosaur introduction facts

* Fiberglass rock to hide speakers and control box

Installation For product which is longer than 6 meters, we will assign engineers for installation.The Seller: Engineers will go to Destination and undertake the installation.

The Buyer: Who should pay following fees to the installation:

Engineers' wage, 聽Air tickets & visa cost & accomodation and eating of engineers in Destination.

Certificate CE and ISO9001:2008, UL.
Warranty period /After service 12 months1. Installation.

2. Maintenance(machinery & Skin)

3. Technical guidance

4. Provide fittings


1. We always welcome customer visit our manufacture factory to know more about us.
2. Customer can see all dinosaur making workflows when they visit our factory.
3. We also send engineers to customer's place to help installing dinosaurs.

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dsc07980 dsc07981 Huge Size Artificial Dinosaur for Playground Huge Size Artificial Dinosaur Artificial Dinosaur Artificial Dinosaur for Playground


Hypsognathus has a wide, squat body, suggesting that it was not a very agile animal. Its broad cheek teeth ard ideal for grinding up fibrous material found in tough desert plants. Small nipping teeth at the front suggest that it was selective about what it ate. The array of spikes around its head would have been a defensive measure - a protection against the carnivorous dinosaurs such as Coelophysis that were coming to the fore at that time.

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