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How we make the display skeleton dinosaur model?


Speaking of  the way that our workers make the dinosaur skeletons, it is heard not that difficult and complicated, but it needs high handicraft technology, which will ask for meeting the high standards, because every piece of the dinosaur model is handmade, just like the ceramics.


dinosaur skeleton


The first step is to sculpture and make out the rough model by using a great deal of mud, the preparation is very important, and the pre-dosage is also highly required, which will directly impact the eventual effect of the skeletons.


dinosaur skull


Then, the exteriors need to be covered with several layers of silicon rubber and glass cement, which will become the fiberglass mould, in this way, the prices will be much cheaper, so if any client would like to have one existed skeleton, he will benefit so much from this.


dinosaur fossil


Now, as several days going by, the fiberglass mould can be taken out of the product, which will be kept in the factory, and our workers can make the same skeleton products(100% similatiry), without the order quantity limitation.


dino skull


Finally, the fiberglass product come into being, what is needed to modify is to paint according to the client's requirement, or just refer to the photo the clients sent directly, you can compare it with the BBC fossils, you will find there is no much more differences.


Parasaurolophus skull

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