Dinosaur Exhibition

When holding a dinosaur exhibition, how should the real estate companies publicize the momentum for the exhibition?

When real estate companies hold exhibitions, they should make full use of the short-term crowd, then take decisive measures to sort out potential buyers as soon as possible.

How To Promote a Dinosaur Exhibition?

The measures that can be taken:

  • First, a large number of dinosaur popular science books were printed and distributed to children on site. The popular science slogan must be printed on popular science books. This can have long-term publicity
  • Second, erectly putting a science card around the dinosaurs to introduce the dinosaurs’ habits and annotations on the dinosaurs in popular science books. At the same time, the company logo should be printed on the explanatory plate. In this way, when people take pictures with dinosaurs, they will also take the company logo into the photo, in which way can be called “kill two birds with one stone”.
  • Third, if the dinosaurs are exhibited on a non-national legal holiday, the dinosaur exhibition may be continued in the evening in the case of personnel permission. Because most people leave work in the evening, the time to watch dinosaurs is mainly at night.

Briefly talking about the above three points, if real estate companies have noticed, it will have a good effect.

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