Waterproof Features Of Animatronic Dinosaurs

For outdoor displays, can these large guys stand up to prolonged periods of sun and rain?

Animatronic Dinosaurs Waterproof
Not afraid of snow
Rain and snow weather
  • First, the skin of the dinosaurs was strengthened by special fiber cloth, which made it resistant to tearing, unless you use a sharp knife,

You can hardly tear the skin directly with your hands.

  • Second, the exterior skin is made of acidic silicone glue, a structural glue that is waterproof.

This material is the same silicone glue to bond glass curtain walls of large buildings, which is permanent to use.

Acid silicone gum chemical properties are stable, it has tear resistance, waterproof, anti-exposure, anti-freezing and other characteristics.

The Transmission Mechanism And Electrical Equipment Are Under The Protection Of The Skin From The Rain

Weather condition is out of customers considering, there is no need to worry about the weather.

Animatronic dinosaur common faults
material of animatronic dinosaur

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