How We Install?

1.  After the goods arrive, unloading the goods by forklifts and cranes from the container according to the on-site installation situation.

2. Putting the dinosaurs below 8m to the designated site for installation as planned.

3.  Taking all parts to the same site if the disassembled dinosaurs over 8m, then ready to be assembled.

4.  Using crane and ladders with people to connect the parts together by the marked flanges.

5.  Sewing the skin tightly where it is opened, may arrange more people to save up time.

6.  Brushing the skin with the silicon, then covering with the silk socking.

7.  Brushing the skin with the silicon with gasoline in some proportion, repeat several times if possible.

8.  Colors spraying by mixing the silicon, gasoline and pigments in some proportion.

9.  Debugging the dinosaurs after the installation of the dinosaur is completed, then guide the staffs in the park to deal with electrical faults.

What we expect is to make the dinosaurs the same ones as showed to you from the factory.