Talking Tree

Talking tree is a popular item in our factory, its interactive with realistic look to make a speaking tree come true.

The tree is 3 meters high and 1.3 meters in diameter. The trunk is made of steel, high-density sponge, nylon silk stocking and silicone.

We have installed a lot of mechanical structures in the trunk of the speaking tree, such as blinking, opening the mouth, etc., which makes the speaking tree to open its mouth, blink, and speak.

Customers can also customized the voice content of the speaking tree, such as tell a story or an advertising to promote your products.

Talking Tree Blink

Talking Tree Blink

For a talking tree like this, we need about 10 days of production time, from the internal steel frame production, motor installation, sculpture modeling to texture production, coloring, installation of leaves, each step with workers’ rich experience and the attitude of excellence.

The artificial speak tree is often used in various exhibitions, shopping malls, theme parks and amusement parks.

The newfangled appearance and interesting interaction can attract people to stop by.

In addition, we have many kinds of simulation models, such as animatronic dinosaurs, animatronic animals , insect model, movie character model, monster model, etc., as long as you can provide pictures, we are possible to make a replica.

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