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High simulation movie character Wuba robotic models

High simulation movie character Wuba robotic models


Anyone who have already watched this movie, namely "Monster Hunt"? This is one of the excellent films produced by China, and it is one of the best films ever in the Chinese film history, as this movie tried a new way to realize, and used high-tech special effects on how to fabricate each figures, makes everyone of us to feel like it is a real monster.



Then we designate the best artists to do research on the cartoon characters, like what will be life sizes, shapes and movements will be made, what's more, we take a much longer time to decide the gestures for each cartoon figures, one of the most representative ones is the gesture we designed for Wuba, as you can see, the hands are putting in different ways, and the most important to make people to tell at the first sight is the lifelike mouth, it looks like our Wuba is smiling or speaking to you with making some sounds at the same time.


Do they look adorable? Come to know more about the movie cartoon characters.


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