Animatronic Spinosaurus

Life-size animatronic Spinosaurus model are always much popularized by the people, it is not only because the splendid appearance, and colorful skins, but also the special modelling, namely the big back spine and long size mouth, what’s more, this kind of dinosaurs are not afraid of the T-Rex dinosaurs.

Life-size Animatronic Spinosaurus

The big back spine will remind people of the blue shark, which will make people to be scared to death, especially when just seeing the back spine of the blue shark in the sea, and getting close to you, you have to pray with perspiration and tears.

This example animatronic spinosaurus is in the size of 8 m, which is most common manufacturing size, but it is also the most embarrassing size, because 8 m means that our workers have to disassemble the legs of the dinosaur before packing and delivering, the back spine will be higher than the container, even the HQ container, in result, this asks for installment on the spot, by the way, the expenses for installment will be extra.

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