Simulation Dinosaur Model

From the day we got back to work after the festival of national day(from 1st to 7th October), the workers were committed to finish the dinosaurs order for the theme park in Russia, as required on the delivery time, the board of director opened a conference, and approved of the decision, that all the workers had to work overtime to finish the theme park dinosaurs.

Simulation Dinosaur Model

To keep the quality within less time, our company assigned with more workers, and parts of them were engaged in finish the modelling of all the dinosaurs, and they had to work till 10:00 at night, otherwise, the painters have to finish in the daytime, because the colors need to be as clear as possible, but the colors resolution will be hard to tell from in the night.

Finally, we caught up with the delivery time, all the dinosaurs were packed and put into the container, then delivered to the theme park, both of the clients and our company were satisfied with the results, now the dinosaurs are getting better, and the clients are using those dinosaurs for more dinosaur projects, they even plan to order more diverse simulation dinosaur models for another dinosaur park.

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