Simulation Animatronic Dinosaur

The T-Rex which is made with reference of archaeological literature is highly duplicated the look and posture, applicable for different kinds of shopping malls, squares, scenic spots and theme parks.

Lively dinosaurs are offered for visitors to have a chance to touch them with close distance, making visitors seemly entering the times which dinosaur lived.

Simulation Animatronic Dinosaur T-Rex

T-Rex is one of the most favourite dinosaurs people love and most usually seen in the life. It will usually be set in the center of the variety of exhibits.

This T-Rex model is 8 meters in full size and 2 meters tall , its finish combined with silicon rubber craft and mechanical transmission structure.

The animatronic T-Rex is activated by infrared induction, with sensing distance of 5 meters, in the case when there are visitors passing by, at the same time the induction activated, the T-Rex model will achieve movements of swaying arms, moving tail, mouth open and close, roaring, head and neck moving.

Our T-Rex is made by hand,every textures and every part of skin are exquisitely handmade. It will take roughly 10 production days for three workers to do a 8 meters T-Rex.

Besides, we still have more kinds for animatronic dinosaurs, giant long Brachiosaurus, Ankylosaur with armour, Stegosaurus with sword board on back, silly and lovely Pachycephalosaur, and so on. If you are interested in it, welcome to contact us at any time!

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