Dinosaur Models For Sale

As agreed, our factory is engaged in making a group of animatronic dinosaur models in diverse sizes, and all of those dinosaurs are required to be delivered on 10th, then maybe take one month or so to arrive at the local dinosaur park, we will also send our technicians to install and train the people of the clients in UK.

We assign the worker group to begin the manufacturing once receiving the deposit, just like what we do normally, what’s more, we also promise to give dinosaur hand puppets as giving for every order during this month, it is can be called the promotion policy for Chinese new year.

Animatronic Dinosaur Models For Sale

Our assigned workers in rich experiences in the field of dinosaurs are working together in the process of steel frame making, those kinds of big dinosaurs need several people to coordinate, just to keep the right directions and balance in whole.

And this is the result after being finished from the process of steel frame making, and our workers also have some tests instantly, to keep and guarantee that the steel frame is all getting well, then the workers will go to start to make the cover the skin, just like the animatronic T-Rex covered skin in the left photo.

The dinosaur groups contain one Spinosaurus dinosaur model, one T-Rex dinosaur model, one Walking Triceratops ride, two kinds of Deinonychus dinosaur models and a couple of dinosaur eggs for decorations, in this case, it can make up of one group by standards, the central attractions are Spinosaurus and T-Rex models among all.

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