Hidden Legs Dinosaur Costume In Shopping Mall

Hidden legs performer walking dinosaur costume in shopping mall

There will be some people think the dinosaur to be painted in green color, especially only with green color is too simple, and will not make the dinosaurs to be attractive enough for the kids or shopping mall center, but one of the client from Spain made a trial, and they ordered one t-rex costume in hidden legs, the result is amazing that most of the people, no matter kids or adults gather together for this dinosaur superstar, they come to the shopping mall for this reason, even just a glance of seeing.

By the way, this green dinosaur costume is packed into one air case, and delivered to Spain by air, we can provide with the air cases if the clients require to move around for the dinosaur events or shows, or they just want to store sometimes, then we will suggest to pack into the air cases,this will only demand a lower extra cost.

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