High Quality Hollywood Hidden Legs Dinosaur Costume T-Rex

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There are mainly two types of dinosaur costumes, namely hidden legs dinosaur costume and legs visible dinosaur costume, when speaking of the hidden legs dinosaur costume, it is special with legs of the operator being invisible to the audience, and the hidden legs dinosaur costumes are loved by many clients, becasue they can operate hidden legs dinosaur costumes back and forth, no one can notice that the dinosaur is operated by someone, then will be attractive to audience, and the kids will be curious about this; besides, the legs of th hidden legs dinosaur costumes will be installed with the hook and loop.


Hidden Legs Dinosaur Costume



Cover Legs Dinosaur Costume


The hidden legs dinosaur costume is in life-size, it can not only fit in the shopping mall and street, but also on the stage shows. This is unprecedented scale and quality, and the stage scenes will attract the young and old. The comes with the slogan  ” Let’s walking with the hidden legs dinosaur costume “, We really believe we have created a new entertainment fashion and trend by manufacturing hidden legs dinosaur costumes, we hope to continue to bring years of experience into new areas.


Hidden Legs Dinosaur suit


Hidden Legs T-rex Costume


Our journey shows how the dinosaurs survive actually in their heyday – those dinosaurs as huge, sometimes frightening, sometimes comical monsters – fight for the survival of their daily lives. Our hidden legs dinosaur costumes can move exactly the same – all the roars, snorts, etc.


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