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Herbivorous therapsids



As the therapsids blossomed they developed a number of off-shoots, one of which consisted of the massive dinocephaliarts. The dinocephalians represent an early branch of the therapsids, and show many primitive features. They were mostly rhinoceros-size animals with beads formed from greatly thickened head bones. They had a reduced number of foot bottes, suggesting that they were not very agile. animatronic dinosaur



The enormously thickened skull of Moschops (up to 10cm (4in) thick) suggests that they must have head-butted one another for dominance or display. However, such contests were unlikely to have been the energetic head-butting that we see in today's mountain goats, more a sedate pushing action, in keeping with an animal the size of a rhinoceros and feet like a giant tortoise. It was a herd-living animal.


Features:Moschops is the dinocephalian with the strongly thickened skull, with the broad forehead and reduced gaps between the bones and tiny brain. As with others of the group it has a massive body and a short tail, with sprawling limbs at the front and columnar limbs at the rear. The jaws are short and the teeth small and chisel-shaped, adapted for chopping tough vegetable matter.

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