As we know, the hand puppets are always used for kids entertainment, especially used on some magic show and stage show, and some clients also use the hand operated dinosaur puppet to coordinate, just pretending that the performer is interacting with the hand puppet, just make everyone presume that the hand puppet is not operated by the performer, it is alive and real.

Days ago, one of my old clients from UK, negotiated with me, and i assign the workers to manufacture the hand puppet after making agreement on the details, the Raptor dinosaur is seemly fierce, it is in 1.5m, which will be perfect for the performance and operation for the operator, the skin is the realistic green, and the neck of the green dinosaur can twist in more than 180 degrees with your left hand.

When adjusting by the worker in the factory, the hand dinosaur is seemly eager to eat the operator, it does not like being operated, it makes the howling sounds with the sharp teeth, you can see the operator is so scared, but can not be getting rid of the hand puppet.

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