Halloween Dinosaur Costume

As the Halloween Festival is getting close, the dinosaur costumes are getting more and more hot sale, especially for the foreign markets, although Halloween is also a very hot festival in China, but Chinese merchants prefer to use animatronic dinosaurs for celebrating, otherwise, the foreigners would like to dress with different kinds of costumes, and nowadays, only the dinosaur costumes can be regarded as the new attractions for the festival, it is so called “Halloween dinosaur costume“.

Halloween dinosaur costume is in factory test

To better serve for the customers, our company decides to make a promotion on purchasing the dinosaur costumes, namely one dinosaur hand puppet will be provided for each order, no matter the customers’ order is big or not, the hand puppet dinosaur will be operated by one hand, which is perfect foil as the dinosaur costume when performing, by the way, one hand puppet will be worth USD 1500 normally, so take order now.

With the increasing demands on the dinosaurs, the datum displaying that nearly more than 60% of the customers would like to buy the animatronic dinosaur costumes together with the animatronic dinosaurs, no matter for dinosaur parks, festivals, or any stage performance.

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