Growing Dinosaur Baby Hatching Dinosaur Egg

The kids make a loud noise by the “magic egg” in the dinopark playground, as usual, the dinosaur egg will be only permitted the kids to get inside to take pictures, or just stay beside the eggs.

Hatching Dinosaur Egg

Otherwise, the magic egg has another extraordinary function, that can allow the kids to take videos with them, because there is one growing dinosaur baby inside, and the dinosaur baby can move out from the egg, just like a hatching dinosaur egg.

To support the animatronic movements automatically, the dino egg will be set with mechanism, so the workers will install the steel frame inside, besides, the egg should be opened and closed synchronized with the baby dinosaur move up and down.

The normal movements will be moving up and down, and month open and close with roaring sounds, the eyes should better not to blink because of the sizes, but the forelimbs can move, and the neck can move left to right, each one series of whole movements can be about 40 seconds, this will be decided by the clients requirement.

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