Group of alive dinosaur costumes rental suitable for factory prices

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As following the trend of the enormous demands on the dinosaurs,, also based on the requirements of our cooperated clients, who are finding one or more dinosaurs is not enough for the big markets, they need a group of dinosaur costumes, so our company decides to prepare dozens of steel frames for both animatronic dinosaurs or dinosaur costumes.


dinosaur suits (2)


Our factory is keeping group of dinosaurs in stock, which are all available for renting or purchasing, especially those dinosaure suits are all brand-new produced and upgraded, with applied the new tech, they are all called the new types of 2016 style, in this case, all of our dinosaurs are with better quality, and simple to control.


dinosaur suits (3)


There are prepared well diverse models, you can find all types no matter T-Rex, Raptor or Carnotaurus, hidden legs or open legs, dinosaurs or animals, even dragons, and we can also design and realize whatever you want the dinosaur to be like, just give us your ideas, Skype: real-dinosaur.


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