For many of the skeletons that have been drawn in multiple views

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For many of the skeletons that have been drawn in multiple views, I have also done shaded muscle studies.(walking dinosaur costume) Some of the muscle studies are overlays of the skeletal drawings, except that the head and neck are usually pulled back up more. For variety some of the muscle restorations are posed in assorted typical activities -a simple task because once the skeleton has been drawn it is easy to repose it for a muscle restoration.


With only two exceptions (Realistic dinosaur costume) all the life restorations-drawings of dinosaurs as they may have looked when alive-in this volume are those for which the shoulder or skull has been drawn. I do not do life restorations of species known only from teeth or a few bones because the potential for misleading is obvious. Some of the older life drawings in this book were done before I did the species’final skeletal restoration, and I have modified such illustrations to bring them as close to current standards as possible. Having thoroughly worked over the theropods, I do not expect the curuent restorations of the better known species’ basic forms to need much reworking in the future. However, new skin or insulation impressions may alter their superflcial appearance substantially, and send me back to the drawing board again!