First locality to yield dinosaur bones in the Gobi Desert

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In April 25, 1922, the Central Asiatic Expedition reached the border of the current Sino-Mongolian boundary at Eren-Nur ( presently Erenhot ) . “Nur” means lake or salt-lake in Mongoliafi.At that time, there was a telegraphy station for the telegraphs at Eren-Nur that linked Beijing and Kulen ( now Ulaanbaatar ) , the capital of Mongolia. The expedition team set up a camp there. While making the campsite, Walter Granger, as a good fossil hunter, looked around and found fossils right near by. Thus Iren Dabasu became the very first locality to yield dinosaur bones in the Gobi Desert.


In Mongolia, “Dabasu” is the word for telegraph station.This is why this fossiliferous stratum was named as the Iren Dabasu Formation, and has become a meaningful term in the geological paleontology, representing the stratigraphical unit of the Upper Cretaceous terrestrials sedimentary stratum in Central Asia.As to the study of dinosaurs, the Iren Dabasu Formation has gained a unique reputation within Asia.



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