First bird

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The fragmentary remains of two little animals were unearthed in 1984 from late Triassic rocks of Texas. USA. These were named Protoavis texensis by the finder, Sankar Chatterjee, from Texas Tech Univerisity. The name means “first bird” and reflects the fact that Chatterjee was not convinced that Archaeopteryx, widely acclaimed as the first bird, but not existing until 75 million years later, was not the earliest of the bird line and that true bird ancestry would probably be found in the Triassic, This was such a controversial notion that the popular press picked up the news of the discovery and published it before the serious scientific analysis could be carried out, resulting in a terrible scandal in the science.(animatronic dinosaur)


first bird


Subsequent studies indicated that the find may have been a jumbled accumulation of bones of different animals and that most were so badly crushed as to be unidentifiable. Consequently Protoavis is widely regarded as a chimera, something built up from more than one animal, and so has no true scientific status.


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