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This is known from two well-preserved specimens. The general structure seems to indicate that it was more at home on land than the other thalattosaurs were, despite its obvious adaptations to a swimming lifestyle. It has been suggested that this genus, of which only one species has been found, was more of a shoreline creature than the other thalattosaurs. It may have spent its life walking the beaches and splashing about in the shallows in search of its prey. Certainly it would have had no difficulty moving about on dry land when the need arose, such as when laying eggs. animatronic dinosaur




Features The body of Endennasaurus is much stouter than that of the other thalattosaurs. The ribs are heavy, as a restriction to the natural buoyancy of the animal, and there is a massive set of belly ribs. The tail is very long and compressed from side to side. The forearm is stout and broad, suggesting use as a paddle. The long jaws have no teeth but there is a long upper beak.

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