Edaphosaurus is the best-known plant-eating pelycosaur

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This is the best-known plant-eating pelycosaur. The vegetarian habit is inferred from the small head and the crushing teeth that formed a broad pavement across the roof of the mouth. It lived in the same place and at the sam time as the other famous sail-backed pelycosaur, Dimetrodon, and may have been part of its prey. It evolved from much smaller insectivorous pclycosaurs, such as lanthasaurus from the late Carboniferous. This looked like Edaphosaurus but had the jaws and teeth of an insectivorous animal and was only about 60cm (2ft) long.(Realistic dinosaur costume)
Features:The characteristic sail is supported by spines growing up from the vertebrae of the back. Those at the front are curved forward, those at the back are curved backwards, and those in the middle are straight. The spines have cross-pieces, like the spars on the masts of square-rigged sailing ships. These increased the turbulence of air passing by. and improved the heat聽exchange process, enabling the animal to have a smaller sail than its relatives.

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