Dozens of simulated dinosaur models being loaded and transported by 13m tailer from factory

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Dozens of animatronic dinosaur models being loaded and transported by 13m tailer from factory, some of them are needed to be packed well, which we normally use the bubble film and plastic wrap, the former one is used for protecting from any damage, and the latter one is for protecting from the dust; and if the weather is not that good, the dinosaurs are also needed to be packed.




After all the dinosaurs are packed and loaded well in the front of the trailers, the accessories like the FRP rock and control box, even the fake trees are put behind the bottom of the trailer, then the spaces can be saved to be fullest.




As usual, if the clients ordered and purchased more than 10 pcs dinosaurs, or there are some big ones, we will assign the 13m trailer, or we just need to arrange one 9m trailer, that will be ample for the placing spaces.



By the way, when the trailers are arriving at the shipping company, who will designate workers to be in charge of the discharge, then load back to the standard containers, or if the clients worry about the safety, we can firstly load the dinosaurs into the containers, both ways can do, only with the difference in cost.