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Dinosaurology is often an exasperating field of study


Dinosaurology is often an exasperating field of study, be¬cause so much of the past is buried beyond our reach. I have stood on the sediments of a dinosaur-bearing formation and felt palpable frustration at the knowledge that here and there, just a few yards underground, there are remains of amazing beasts that will not be uncovered by erosion for another thousand years. Since we cannot dig up an entire formation, we must go looking for the telltale scraps that have come to the surface. Usually, it’s hot, very hot during a dig, and the insects can make it hard to appreciate the beauty of the badlands. Most remains are just bits and pieces, but these can tell us a lot. One claw of a distinctive sickle shape can show us that a certain kind of small killer lived at that place; a tooth can mean a Tyrannosaur.



And then there are those spectacular sunsets, with a cool breeze whipping by, that top off the days that something really good turns up. For every once in a while the few pieces of bone lead to a nearly complete skeleton, or to a bone bed thick with dinosaur remains. dinosaur costume manufacturer


Predatory dinosaurs have been found on every continent- even, just recently, some bits in Antarctica. The first properly recognized predatory dinosaur was Megalosaurus of Jurassic England, published by the Reverend William Buckland in 1824. The fragmentary remains were enough to show only its great size, not its shape. A series of finds from Bavaria in the mid 1800s shed much light on the nature of theropods and birds. Of those small Compsognathus was the first complete theropod skeleton to be found, and, as we shall see, the discovery of Archaeopteryx was one of the most important in all science.

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