Dinosaurian physiologies

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The difference between estimation and direct proof of dinosaurian physiologies is an important one. Walking dinosaur costume We cannot have the latter. By the srlme token, we cannot directly prove that recently extinct mammals such as the saber-toothed cat, or even our human ancestors, were physiologically similar to ourselves. But the possibility that they were different is so remote that it can be dismissed without a second thought. Mechanical Dinosaurs are quite different. They are not the kinds of reptiles, birds, or marnmals alive today, so their physiology is not known a priori. And just because the reptilian model is the traditional one does not mean the burden of proof lies on the other models. T-rex costume Therefore, the best way to study theropod physiology is to start with an open mind. The problem should be considered on the same basis as is most science- as a matter of probabilities. Therefore, we will look at many lines of evidence, and at the end see which physiology best fits the bill. Eventually, dinosaurologists will probably have enough evidence for a solid consensus to emerge.


This is true because we have a film foundation upon which to base our studies-the physiologies of living animals. Animatronic dinosaur They are well understood, and becoming more so. Therefore, when we look at extinct animals we really can get a good idea of what was going on. This is the opposite of the dinosaur-extinction problem, in which even the basics are murky at best.