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Lull's own account of why he mounted the Centrosaurus with wide-set forepaws was quite surprising. (big size dinosaur for sale)Lull wrote that he had carefully studied the fossil footprints of big quadrupeds found in Canada as his guides for posture. Charles Sternberg had published illustrations of those prints in 1930, several years before Lull mounted his sprawl-elbowed beast. But Sternberg's diagrams showed right and left forepaws quite close to the centerline, and not spread widely apart.(life size dinosaur for sale) Lull simply ignored this, because he was so convinced, a priori, about splayed forelimbs that the obvious facts simply didn't register, as they still don't for some. Several large quadrupedal skeletons have been erected in various museums during the last decade, and some still faithfully cling to the traditional stance with the widely splayed forepaws, despite the publication of dozens of footprint diagrams.


I was pretty proud of myself when I finished my undergrad thesis on posture evolution. (dinosaur factory)I published a couple of articles arguing that the dinosaurian fully erect gait was superior to the sprawling gait because erect posture didn't waste as much muscular effort. It seemed like a logical idea, and Al Romer had used it way back in the 1920s.(lifelike dinosaur costume) For example, if you do push-ups on the floor, you can put your arms in the lizard-style posture by bending your elbows at right angles and holding your body halfway off the floor. In this position, you feel very uncomfortable strain in your arm muscles. If you hold your arms straight up and down, in a fully erect posture, you can keep your body off the floor with less effort.

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