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Animatronic Spinosaurus



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Dicynodon from which the whole suborder to which it belongs takes its name, was one of the most common andwidespread of the dicynodonts. Its wide range was once used as proof that continental drift had taken place. It is regarded as the rabbit of Permian times because of its lifestyle and its abundance.


Features The skull is toothless, except for the prominent tusks on the upper jaw. The turtle-like beak was the main food*gathering device. It is thought to have been an undergrowth dweller, feeding in the thick vegetation of the coastline of southern Pangaea. The end of the Permian period is marked by the sudden disappearance of fossils of Dicynodon in the South African beds. Dicynodon may well have been the ancestor of the big herbivorous dicynodonts in the later Triassic pericxJ. Two species of Dicynodon have been described from Russia, but recent researches suggest that these belong to a different genus altogether.