The dinosaurs lived in the Jurassic period and Triassic period, we can only get known the dinosaurs from the fossils, like the egg fossils and skeleton fossils, but it is still only parts of the dinosaurs, what’s more, only a little part of people from all over the world have the chance to go to the national museum to see the dinosaur fossils.

Dinosaur Skeleton Replica For exhibition

Now our company is arising to provide the dinosaur skeleton replicas, then no matter you are a company, an individual, and no matter you are going to use the dinosaur skeleton replicas in the amusement park, outdoor or indoor playgrounds, schools, zoos, even dinosaur museums and your own houses, etc.

The manufacturing process is much more complicated, so it is highly required, especially if any client will use for museum displaying or school teaching.

The manufacturing time will be also longer than usual, normally 5-10 days more than animatronic or fiberglass dinosaurs, the process contains modelling(mixed with glass cement and silicon rubber), rolling over, modifying the details and painting, for example, 20-30 days for manufacturing one 8 m T-Rex skeleton.

The dinosaur skeleton fossil replicas will be realistic and lifelike with high quality, which can meet the requirements of any professional national museum, so the cost will be higher, and big skeletons fossils can be opened, but smaller ones can not be opened.

By the way, the cost will be much lower when manufacturing the same dinosaur skeleton replicas, because we have already owned the mould.

With the dinosaur skeleton replicas, you can see and learn the knowledge of the dinosaurs anytime anywhere, it is also one of the intentions of our company.