Dinosaur fossil prints are usually given generic

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An extreme case of mistaken identity stems from the newly recognized heel-walking theropod prints. Relistic dinosaur costume Some have been mistaken by ardent creationists as human footprints, and as evidence that people lived alongside dinosaurs! When I first learned of these prints I could not imagine why any theropod in its right mind would walk crouched down this way, it seemed so awkward. Certainly, it was not a normal walk. It could be that the crouching walk was a stalking posture for their surprise attack technique . This may not be a full explanation, however, since many of the flat-footed prints were made on tidal flats on which the theropods could not have found cover to crouch behind.


Fossil prints are usually given generic and species names separate from those given to skeletons. walking dinosaur costume However, these are labels only, and unlike skeletal-based names are not accepted as real taxa. Animatronic dinosaur for sale This is because the prints may have been made by a species already known from its skeleton, and because it is difficult to prove that a given type of print was made by a given type of dinosaur. Even if a type of print is shown to belong to a named skeletal species, the print name remains valid. A large array of predatory dinosaur prints have been named-too many to review here. Many of these narnes are certainly redundant, having been given to trackways that look different solely because of the way they were made. Not only that, but the prints do not show nearly the variation that the skeletons of theropods show.