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Dinosaur Fossil - Death and Taphonomy
Fossil-hearing rocks are usually full of bivalves, or sea urchins, or corals, or even fish. Fossils of sca-living things are common because when they die, creatures that live in the sea are likely to sink to the bottom and be covered by sand, mud and other marine sediments. (dinosaur playground equipment)As these sediments solidify, the dead creatures become fossils. An animal that lives and dies on land, on the other hand, may have been killed by a hunting animal and may be eaten on the spot. Once the hunter has eaten its fill, scavenging animals will take their pick of the prey. The bones are broken up and carried away, and what is left is eaten by insects and broken down by fungi and bacteria. After a few weeks there is nothing left of the dead animal hut a smear on the ground - certainly nothing left to fossilize.




The vast majority of tetrapods have left nothing to tell us of their existence. (dinosaur equipment)However if an animal's body falls into a river and is buried in flood deposits, or if it dies in a toxic lake where no scavengers can live, or if it is engulfed and buried in a sandstorm, there is a chance that the remains will survive in fossil form.

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