Dinosaur footprints in China

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Dinosaur footprints in China

Fossil trackways are a record of the dynamics and behavior of extinct animals. Animatronic Dinosaur for sale They provide a snapshot into such aspects of prehistoric life that cannot be inferred from the record of fossil bones. Dinosaur trackways show a geographical direction of Mesozoic pathways or migratory corridors. They also provide us with information about size, structure, speed and diversity of walking groups, as well as interactions among tracemakers.


Dinosaur footprints in Asia have been found in beds deposited in Late Triassic through Late Cretaceous. Animatronic Dinosaur In 1820s, a dinosaur track was found by Russian G. D. Romonovk on the right bank of the Yagnob River in Central Asia. It was the first record of dinosaur tracks in Asia.


There are many dinosaur tracks discovered in Early Jurassic of China. Prevailing types of these tracks refer to footprints made by the ichno-species ( a species name assigned to trace fossils ) of Grallator and Euhrontes. The Middle and Late Jurassic ltracks of dinosaurs are relatively rare in Asia. However, the Early Cretaceous sites of dinosaurs tracks are abundant and widely distributed in China. Continental Mesozoic deposits in Chine have yielded as many as 39 dinosaur ichnogenera.


In 2006, a special museum devoted to dinosaur trackways, called the Luijiaxia Dinosaur Tracksite Museum was built on the right bank of Huanghe ( Yellow River ) in the Yangqin-xia County, Gansu Province. It houses more than 1000 tracks of large sauropods, theropods, ornithopods, and pterosaurs, including tail tracks. The Otoc- qi Tracksite Park was established in the Ordos Basin of Inner Mongolia.