Dinosaur Fighting Group

Most of the customers will care for the prices, they always want to purchase the most favorable dinosaur models, among all the dinosaurs, the Iguanodon fighting group is what we suggest, it is not because of the reasonable price, but also because of the value for exhibiting, the group is consisted of three dinosaurs, two of them are Deinonychus dinosaurs or Raptors, this will depend on the requirements.

Dinosaur Fighting Group

Dinosaur Fighting Group For Dinosaur exhibition

Iguanodon & Deinonychus Model Dinosaur Park Attack Iguanodon

Dinosaur Fighting Group

During the phase of modelling in the manufacturing, there are many details needing to be decided by the clients, for example, the directions of the head, towards to left or right? Four legs fastened on the steel frame base, or just one or two of the front legs will not fasten on the base?

Once the head model is decided, the head will not move to the other side any more, even the head and neck can make movements from left to right.

The most characteristic feature of the Iguanodon dinosaurs is that there will be two small dinosaurs standing and attacking the it, there will be a bloody fight, therefore, the workers will have to make two places to connect the small dinosaurs on the back, and when moving, all the dinosaurs will move at the same time, because they are controlled by the same control box.

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