Real Animatronic Dinosaur Model

Being crowded with dozens of big size dinosaurs, our factory is making one quadrupedal brontosaurus dinosaur, which is about 6m in height and 15m in length, the colors are covert, even you can not tell the colors from the crane in the side when the dinosaur model is knock down and ready to be shipped to the clients.

The animatronic dinosaur model is special designed than the normal ones, because the long neck is not just a decoration and attraction, it is also with one scarce function of spraying water, in fact, there is still one another special efficiency, namely the mist spray.

Real Animatronic Dinosaur Model

Only this one dinosaur is needing several hours to disassembled and assembled, then the same time to install on the spot, the big body is even weight more than the king kong in the photo.

By the way, one new ‘sail-backed’ dinosaur is reported to have been found in Morella, Castellón, Spain, the partial skeleton is composed mainly of dorsal and sacral vertebrae as well as pelvic bones. Morelladon beltrani was a bipedal dinosaur, about six meters long and two and a half meters high.

The fossils show tall neural spines on the dorsal vertebrae. This was potentially a ‘sail’ to help the dinosaur regulate its temperature or a storage space to store fat during times when food was scarce.

This discovery lends weight to a large collection of Morelladon baeltrani, along with Iguanodon bernissartensis and Mantellisaurus atherfieldensis being present in Iberian during the late Barremian age, around 125 million years ago.

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