New Money Making Machine, Electric Dinosaur Battery Riders For Kids

Applicable to playgrounds, theme parks, shopping malls, community squares, etc., where there are children, where exists business opportunities.

As the time passing, we needing to find something new; after all, be happiness is important than anything else.

Zigong Realdinosaur Science and Technology Co., Ltd. is one of the specialized enterprises in China to develop animatronic dinosaurs, animatronic animals, dinosaur electric scooter, dinosaur battery car, walking dinosaur costume, dinosaur fossil replicas and FRP sculptures.

Our company produces children’s dinosaur toy cars are newly upgraded with features like steel frame loading up to 150 kg, life time of 4 hours or more, 6 bearing steering structure, eye LED flashing with three-colors, full of background music, customization on the coin number, run time, start modes, there is always kept dinosaur cars in stock, that means we can directly send out anytime you need, you do not have to wait.

Dinosaur Scooter For Kids
Dinosaur Scooter car
Dinosaur Battery Riders For Kids
Dinosaur Battery Riders For Kids


Dinosaur Battery Car Details


  • Product Size: Length can be customized 1.6 ~ 2.1 meters, height can be customized 1 to 1.5 meters.
  • Material: Internal steel structure, high-density sponge carving, the skin is made from silicone rubber.
  • Battery & Battery Life: 12V20 battery, full work more than 4 hours.
  • Start Mode: Optional coin operated or remote control or two ways coexist.
  • Load-Bearing: The machine carrying more than 150 kg weight, for an adult holding a child at the same time.
  • Background Music: The integration of six English songs, if not satisfied, you can insert with a MP3 music SD card.
  • Run time: Single run time can be customized, from 1 to 40 minutes to adjust.
  • Running Speed: Stepless speed control module, the speed can be adjustable, fastest to 5 km/h.
  • Steering: Full bearing steering, flexible and reliable, small resistance, will not pull the neck skin when rotating.
  • Run Mode: Optional hand switch or foot switch.
  • LED Lantern: Three-color eyes flashing effect, the front legs with LED windmill lantern.
  • Special Customization: Mouth open and close, tail swaying and other effects.
  • Drive Mode: Drive directly with 300 Watt high-power brushless motor installed in the right rear wheel.
  • Wheel Material: Dedicated toy car PU wheel, which is different from the cheap scaffolding wheel.

Frequently Asked Question

Question: I can not get a satisfactory electric dinosaur toy car on the shape, size or color from the company’s website, can they be customized ?

Of course, principally you only need to provide you with the photos of the dinosaur battery car, which includes a clear outline, multi-directional views, accurate color pattern and functions (such as coin to start, Body LED lights flashing, mouth open and close, etc.),

We will be able to customize this product through those information, but because of dinosaur electric cars are made all by hands,

The recovery on the shape and color are expected to live up to 80%. Of course, the size can also be customized according to the needs, the steel frame now is for massive production,

So the length can be longest to be 2.1 meters, the shortest to be 1.6 meters.

Question: how to pack the dinosaur electric cars when shipping? is it safe?

Electric dinosaur cars will be with multi-layer protection before getting out of factory.

Firstly, the exterior skin will be coated with a layer of electrostatic protective film, which will be waterproof and dustproof; then packed with a layer of air bubble film outside, to avoid scratching.

Finally, put the products into a dedicated wooden box, start to make the transportation.

Question: what is site range required if buy more than 5 of the simulation dinosaur electric cars? What other matters to take care?

According to our experience, the actual area of the site should not be less than 60 square meters if buy more than 5 dinosaur electric cars, and the venue should be open and flat.

Note: If the venue is around with the glass display cabinets or fragile construction facilities, please use the fence in advance to keep away from the site,

So as to avoid improper handling by the children such as broken glass and other fragile goods caused by injury.

The venue shall better not exist steep slopes, steep slopes may lead to dinosaur motor burned, even cause some bigger accidence like rollover, there must also have a person responsible for the guard during operation, to avoid dinosaur electric car to get out of the delineation area, and run into the road or dangerous area.

Question: I would like to increase the battery capacity of the simulation dinosaur electric cars, to make it run longer, can be realized?

Normally the dinosaur electric cars are installed with battery in standards of 12V/20Ah, which can work sustainable for more than 3 hours if charged full.

If the customer is not satisfied with the running time, the 20Ah battery can be upgraded to 30Ah battery, or use two 20Ah battery pack to be combined for 40Ah capacity,

Because of steel space constraints, it only supports a 20Ah battery upgraded to a 30Ah battery, or two 20Ah battery in parallel.

After being upgraded, the run time will be greatly improved, but the cost will be increased correspondingly.

Question: What are the necessary accessories for the purchased simulation dinosaur electric cars?

The accessories together with the products: switch, fuse, leather cushion, charger, game coins, product manual and maintenance manual.

Please consult with us in advance for other maintenance spare parts, such as: silicone rubber, fiber socks , Pigments, etc.

Question: RealDinosaur Sells certified dinosaur electric car? Are there any quality qualification? How about after-sales service?

Our company is one of the earlier enterprises engaged in the research and development on the simulation dinosaur models in China.

Each of the product produced and sold strictly follows the corresponding laws and regulations according to the relevant standards of the country.

The electrical and mechanical accessories are all standardized parts, which can be available to be purchased anywhere.

our company has certified by the Europe CE certification, all our produced simulation dinosaur electric cars are provided with 6 months warranty, enjoy 6 months maintenance for free,

We will also provide life-long maintenance after the warranty period of 6 month