Dinosaur Costumes

The quality will keep the same high level, even for the domestic clients, all the dinosaur costumes or suits will be tested before transportation, now i am sharing one good example, which is cooperated with one domestic client in China and delivered to the transport company yesterday.

It is a hot day, the temperature is so high of 38 degrees, even the surrounding people can not stand with the hot weather, but you know what, the operator inside to control the T-Rex dinosaur costume said it is feeling good when finishing the performance and got out, just like being at home with the air conditioner, rather than feeling stuffy, it is all because there are two fans for cooling inside, and there are also made several holes for ventilation.

Dinosaur Costumes Suitable For Kids Amusement

The performance and test just last 10 minutes, then walk back to the support frame, what’s more, the performer put on the professional pants suit on the legs, which makes the operator and the T-Rex costume look like they are integrated together, this will be perfect for shows, the people will be attracted by the profession.

Finally, the workers in the factory begin to pack the dinosaur suit, and put the T-Rex into the wooden case and the trailer just arrives at the spot, we are all satisfied with the shape and color, even the movements after testing, then we move forward to the animatronic dinosaurs, just as you see, i point at the long neck dinosaur, Brachiosaurus.

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