Dinosaur Costumes Parade In Group

Do you ever see any scene like parade for striking, like in America or UK? You may have some chances, at least from the news.

But it must be your first time to see that the dinosaurs will come out for parading, maybe for freedom, or for fighting for their instinct, you can not image how dreadful it is with more than 10 dinosaurs as a group, people just run away to avoid to be captured as the food for the dinosaurs, the group include many kinds of dinosaurs, like Dilophosaurus, T-Rex and raptors, it is full of danger, so you must protect and hide yourself well once you see any dinosaur, unless you are a staff from realdinosaur, or at least you are authorized with the exclusive right by realdinosaur, the dinosaurs will not attack you.

Dinosaur Costumes Parade In Group

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