Newly T-Rex Dinosaur Costumes Operated By Adults

Newly T-Rex dinosaur costumes operated by adults wearing inside the dinosaur body

Recently, as we got many feedback from the clients who have already purchased some of the dinosaur costumes, that the sounds for the dinosaurs are not that louder as imaged, so we assigned our works to begin to do some research on the dinosaur costumes, especially on the sounds effect, we finally find the best way to solve this problem, namely to install a bigger power speaker inside, just like the subwoofer for the animatronic dinosaurs.

This is not the only difference from the previous dinosaurs, we also make improvements on the inner steel frames, to make the frame be slimmer, in this way, the operator can feel much comfortable as it is much flexible and lightweight now, here we will share with more of the photos and videos for the new dinosaur costumes based on the mentioned new functions, please pay attention, new dinosaurs to be expected.

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