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On 15th August, 2017, we got the feedback on the walking t-rex costume from the clients in UK, who bought this one months ago, and now the t-rex costume is getting well in the whole events, as far as i know, the walking costume will be appeared on a big show for the forthcoming events, and i do like to hope they will enjoy the great moments together.


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From the photos shared by the client, we can clearly feel the happiness from both the kids and the t-rex costume as well, they have a great fun there, that makes us rest assured, and really gratified that the t-rex child found the right owner, after all, it is produced by our factory in 10 days, we have built the relationship with him, fortunately, the dinosaur owner is planning to order one more Raptor costume some days, so i am sure the T-Rex costume will be happy with it, as here the mate comes .


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