Dinosaur Amusement Equipment

We are professional dinosaur amusement equipment manufacturer in China, we provide animatronic dinosaur products to hundreds of amusement parks every year.

Although dinosaurs have extincted for hundreds of millions of years, but people will still be very curious about them, among whom many customers see the opportunity to hold a wide range of dinosaurs exhibitions, the combination of high-tech on the animatronic dinosaur model and traditional Marketing method.

Also the movable dinosaur models and static dinosaur fossil skeletons, it is absolutely a new attraction visually, along with the sounds of dinosaur roaring in dinosaur park and the kids screaming, the visitors feel like being truly surrounding in the ancient Jurassic with those mysterious dinosaur models.

Dinosaur Amusement Equipment

Our dinosaur playground equipment products certified by CE and they are made of high-quality steel with high-quality artificial sponges.

The skin is made of high-quality silicone, waterproof, sun-proof and tear resistant, ideal for outdoor exhibition at dinosaur playground.

We can provide customers with pre-design theme park, such as the selection of dinosaur types and the dinosaur model and the design of electrical lines, etc, by more than 10 years of animatronic dinosaur production and installation and operation and maintenance experience, we will reduce project costs, improve project efficiency, time and cost saving for customers.

In our past customer cases, the customers often will be not limited to animatronic dinosaur for dinosaur playground equipment, the dinosaur costume for stage performance is also a good choice, there will be two or three dinosaur costume performers interacting with the children in the dinosaur park entrance, from time to time to open their mouths roar and frighten them, in results, the children will be extremely screaming, visitors will be deeply attracted to these performers.

In addition, we produced the dinosaur skeleton replica products, which is with realistic shape, is fully imitated according to the proportion of dinosaur fossils by 1: 1, while entertainment, the people can also get some popular science education, learn in entertainment, experience this unparalleled and wonderful feeling.

Zigong real dinosaur science and technology co., ltd is the professional Dinosaur Playground Equipment Manufacturer, All Kinds of Dinosaur Playground Equipments can be Customized.

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