Dino Park High Simulation Flying Pterosaur

When speaking of the flying dinosaur, everyone will think of the flying Pterosaur, which has two big wings, can be easily support the smaller body to fly in the sky, in this way, the Pterosaur dinosaur also can successfully avoid to be attacked by the carnivorous dinosaurs on the ground, the flying feature makes the Pterosaur dinosaur to be very special kind of dinosaurs.

Simulation Flying Pterosaur

The simulation Pterosaur dinosaurs are normally programmed with the flying movements, namely wings flapping, besides, some Pterosaur dinosaurs can be set with folding wings, this will be more realistic, by the way, the standing postures can be standing on the steel base or standing on one fake trees, the latter one is more suggested.

The sizes will need to pay attention, that the suggested size is 3-5m in the wings span, because if the dinosaur is too big, the wings will be not able to move smoothly.

now we are also providing flying Pterosaur that legs suspended by one cable on the cable rail, in this way, the Pterosaur dinosaur can be truly look like flying in the sky.

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