Realistic Dino Costume

Product Name: Animatronic Dino Costume

Dinosaur type: walking dinosaur, walking dinosaur costume, dinosaur suit, mechanical dinosaur, walking robot costume, raptor costume.

Movements: Eyes blinking, Mouth open and close synchronized with sounds, Neck to head moving left to right, Neck to head moving up and down, Neck to head twisting, Front arms moving Running and walking, Tail swaying

Customized Realistic Dino Costume For Customers

Customer(who ordered this raptor costume): This Raptor costume named Blue, same name as the movie of Jurassic park, that is impressive, no matter for kids or adults, then customer can easily to advertise the dinosaur costume events in the world, and together with the raptor costume, there is still one another walking t-rex costume that the customer ordered, this is for clarification from Blue, because some people can know better in comparison, it is also better for dinosaur events with more types of dinosaurs.

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