Customized dinosaur walking t-rex costume in hidden legs

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Customized dinosaur walking t-rex costume in hidden legs


Our factory recently received two special inquiry on the walking dinosaur costumes among all inquiries of the dinosaur costumes, which are strictly required, no matter in the shapes and functions.


The first one is walking t-rex costume, which is required to make into hidden legs with the shape to be simulated according to the film of Jurassic world, namely the figure of “Blue”, that is crazy, you know that it is one of the most popular dinosaurs in this movie, people love it.



The second one is also one model of T-Rex costume, but the difference is that the dinosaur costume is extremely colorful and functional in the shapes and movements, besides, the materials are using of the new materials of Fabric, and all relative components on this model are exclusive to all other dinosaurs.



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