Dating back to the dinosaurs installment in Chile, we are now sharing the installment and completion photos, because there are many clients who do not understand the installment for the big dinosaurs, and we hope those installment photos can help all the clients to understand the disassembling and assembling process.

Any big static or animatronic dinosaurs which surpassing 2.4m in height or 7m in length will need to be disassembled in the factory, and then assembled in the place of the destination, all the pieces will be packed by the bubble film/DPJD, then put into the containers, by the way, all the pieces will be fasten firmly.

Animatronic Brachiosaurus in Chile

Animatronic Brachiosaurus

After finishing the installment, the two big spraying water animatronic brachiosaurus are standing spectacularly before our eyes, both of them can spray water from one side to other side, and the spraying distance can reach to 10-20m, so the big animatronic dinosaurs should be put into the mere or pond, and keep a long distance from each other.

The design of the two spraying animatronic Brachiosaurus dinosaurs are spaying water when visitors get across, the kids will specially get happy and interested, they will stop and begin to play with the water, just like play games with the dinosaurs, especially at summer period, we also take photos with the distinguished clients on the spot.

Now the pond is full of water, and the dinosaurs begin to spray water when they are at work, it is really amazing, and in fact, there are still other different types of animatronic dinosaurs, some walking dinosaurs, dinosaur rides, and dinosaur costumes, etc, and Triceratops and Stegosaurus are walking in the jungle, once you step into the place, you will witness the dinosaur world.

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