t-rex costume

We always recommend our customers with the dinosaur costumes for their dinosaur-themed projects, it looks like alive dinosaurs, it can run, jump, open mouth, roar and growl, most of designed movements are supposed to be the real ones, dinosaur costumes is born for the performance because of the dinosaur mystery, so that it has a strong attraction.

The Best Popularity In 2021! Walking Dinosaur Costumes

Dinosaur Costume For Party

The total weight of the dinosaur costume does not exceed 25 kg, which make it easily stored in the storage box and transported to any place where it is needed to perform, and the 12V20Ah battery inside the dinosaur is providing the power for internal camera, sound and cooling system, the storage battery allows the dinosaur costume to work more than 10 hours once it is being fully charged.

T-Rex Costume For Sale

If you get any costume model by yourself, just tell us without hesitation, then our technicians will design and customize according to your requirements.

We recommen to put the dinosaur costumes in dinosaur exhibition gate, by arranging two trained actors for performing in turns, if possible, you can also arrange an adult or a child to act as the dinosaur owner by holding the chain we provided, interacting with the audience based on the planned plot, finally attract more and more visitors, the performance can be scheduled when it is the attendance peak, just imagine the scene that a group of children chase and play with a naughty dinosaur at the door of the dinosaur show, they laugh and scream from time to time, that is absolutely what we are expecting!

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