Nowadays, T-Rex Model and Raptor Model are the most popular and renowned dinosaur types, no matter in the fields of animatronic dinosaurs or dinosaur costumes.

Recently, one southern California client browsed my company website, and decided to order one Raptor walking dinosaur costume(legs uncovered), and the client expects to make the shows in the place, and shock USA with upgraded dinosaur costumes, then i gave the client in the best price with high quality, just wanted to support the idea.

American Customers Customized Raptor Costume

When the workers made the steel frame, there are some upgraded design on the neck, it will be much more like the real Raptor.

When painting, the colors are specially handled, the special painter adjusted the diverse oil pigments, and make the colors more amazing, the texture and stripes are detailed, each lines are handmade, needing much more time to finish, you can check the patterns on the back and on the legs.

When the technicians tested the effects in the factory(the synchronized sounds, movements, fans insides, camera on the nose, etc.), all of us were satisfied with the Raptor dinosaur costume, and then put it on the support steel frame, and waiting for delivery.

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