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Cretaceous Periods were the long-legged theropod dinosaurs


Anchisaurs' tails were stoutly muscled and they could easily  have reared up, foreclaws at the ready, to face their enemies. Anchisaur hind claws, especially the one located on the large inner  toe, could lash out with even more powerful blows than the  foreclaws. (dinosaur factory)Cassowaries jump to strike with the full force of their  massive thighs behind their long inner toe.


Zoo keepers always  treat cassowaries with the utmost respect—these birds are much  more dangerous than their bigger cousin, the ostrich. And they  are just plain mean, often attacking humans without provocation. (animatronic dinosaur) Yet anchisaurs grew to much larger sizes than do cassowaries: a  half-ton anchisaur could have unleashed a kick five times more  powerful than can any cassowary.


The predators that threatened to attack throughout the Jurassic and Cretaceous Periods were the long-legged theropod dinosaurs. (real size dinosaur)This clan is best known for Allosaurus of the late Jurassic  Period and for Tyrannosaurus belonging to the last days of the  Cretaceous. The very earliest theropod meat-eaters had appeared  side by side with the anchisaurs and the other early species of dinosaurs during the Late Triassic.

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